USAPD offers efficient turnaround times.


USAPD delivers high quality packaging.


USAPD guarantees the lowest prices.

USA Packaging Direct is the go-to flexible stand up pouch packaging company in the United States. Packaging has taken a turn for sustainability and flexible pouch packaging is at the forefront of packaging innovation. Cans, glass jars, tin cans, and plastic jars are old, wasteful methods. The process to produce packaging materials has reached the consumer level thanks to all the available options offered by companies like USA Packaging Direct. Never before has it been easier to package a product with amazing results thanks to flexible stand up pouch packaging, roll stock film packaging, and heat sealed roll stock film packaging from USA Packaging Direct.

The amount of products being placed on shelves in stand up pouches continues to expand. Currently, food, health food, coffee and tea, pet food, liquid and spouted, and non food packaging is leading the way for stand up pouch packaging. USA Packaging Direct offers a wide array of packaging methods already in use today, but we will also work with any client to develop an appropriately sized pouch for their specific needs/product. Contact our friendly customer support staff for further information regarding custom stand up pouch packaging.


Customers have spoken, and sustainable flexible packaging that does little harm to the environment while remaining low cost is what they have requested. Thanks to USA Packaging Direct, worrying about store packaging for your product is a thing of the past because stand up flexible packaging is affordable at all levels. Understand that the ability to “package overseas and ship to America” is not just for the big corporations anymore because affordable flexible stand up packaging is already here in the United States because of USA Packaging Direct.