Laminated Rollstock Films

Rollstock Film Packaging - Stand Up Pouches Example 1

Laminated Rollstock Films are emerging as the go-to packaging method for businesses across the United States because Laminated Rollstock Film Packaging is cost effective, can be accomplished in house, and allows for in house packaging monitoring. Customers and store owners prefer products packaged in Laminated Rollstock Films because the packaging lasts longer, retains products’ freshness longer, and the by products of use and production are minimal when compared to traditional forms of packaging. If you are interested in Laminated Rollstock Films in the United States, contact the packaging professionals at USA Packaging Direct for further information.

What are Laminated Rollstock Films?

Laminated Rollstock Films are product packaging films made of multi-layers of material fused together to form a solid barrier. Laminated Rollstock Films have superior qualities when compared to single LLDPE film packaging because of this multi-layer design. USA Packaging Direct uses a proprietary method to fuse the layers together using a solvent free lamination method that reduces odor and combines non traditional materials. Products stay fresher longer and can remain sealed on shelves for longer periods of time. Laminated Rollstock Films are used by businesses across the United States, and the world, to package products using their own machinery. If you are a business in the United States looking for Laminated Rollstock Films, contact the sales support staff at USA Packaging Direct for further assistance.

How can Laminated Rollstock Films help my product?

Laminated Rollstock Films are multi-layers, which provide a superior barrier against the elements and allow products to stay fresher, longer. Understanding how long a product lasts in packaging is a key concept to maintaining customers. A customer prefers to have packaging that is easy to open, easy to re-seal, and attractive. Laminated Rollstock Film packaging from USA Packaging Direct provides these functions and more.

Who sells Laminated Rollstock Films in the United States?

USA Packaging Direct sells Laminated Rollstock Films in the United States. Stop shipping product overseas to be packaged when Laminated Rollstock Films are manufactured right here in the United States. Our team of packaging professionals will work with your production team to create a Laminated Rollstock Film appropriate for your product. We will then ship the Laminated Roll Stock Films directly to your business or packaging facility within the United States. Saving you time and money with your supply chain management.

There is little reason to use traditional forms of packaging because studies have shown that modern Flexible Film Packaging and Laminated Rollstock Film Packaging are superior forms of product packaging from production to landfill. Contact the packaging professionals at USA Packaging Direct to begin packaging your products with Laminated Rollstock Films from a company based right here in the United States.