Non Food Packaging

Non Food Packaging - Stand Up Pouches Example 1

Products need packaging to be placed on shelves in stores or shipped to customers directly. From powdered supplements to protein shake mix, proper packaging attracts new customers and creates new sales. A new generation of packaging has arrived for Non Food products and that packaging is Flexible Pouch Packaging. Flexible stand up pouch packaging is a perfect option for Non Food Product packaging because it is cost effective, structurally strong and flexible, and reduces packaging waste. Traditional methods of packaging Non Food products create more waste than flexible packaging solutions from USA Packaging Direct. The future of packaging for any product is Flexible Pouch Packaging from USA Packaging Direct.

What type of Non Food items can be packaged with Flexible Stand up Pouches?

Common Non Food items packaged in flexible stand up pouches are supplement powders, protein powders, and any other powdered based products. The flexible stand up pouches created by USA Packaging Direct come with an assortment of options including spouted, resealable, slider, and boxed tops. Our support staff will help you figure out the optimal packaging for your product. Certain products work better when sold from flexible pouch packaging simply due to the ergonomics of the packaging. Customers appreciate this advantage and prefer products who package their products in Flexible Pouches.

How long does it take to package a Non Food item at USA Packaging Direct?

It depends on the products being packaged, but our turnaround time is one of the best in the industry. Every order is different and we take pride in our attention to detail and quality packaging product provided. If you have any questions regarding large order requests, please contact our professional customer support staff.

Does USA Packaging Direct offer Custom Non Food product packaging?

Yes. We have dealt with many companies who produce Non Food products where flexible packaging solutions were optimal for their product. Understanding your target audience and how your product will be presented on a shelf is important to understanding the optimal packaging for your Non Food product. Packaging is a form of marketing and Flexible Pouch Packaging creates a “grab” friendly product.

Some products need innovative packaging solutions, luckily, flexible pouch packaging solutions from USA Packaging Direct exist. Products like protein powders, supplement powders, and weight gain powders can be packaged with great cost savings when compared to traditional plastic jar packaging. Flexible Pouch Packaging allows non food products to be placed, or hung, alongside competing products. The advantage is passed down to the customers through minimal waste and complete product consumption.