Our Process

USA Packaging Direct is proud to offer our exclusive packaging services across the United States. Our process is simple to understand and easy to implement with your supply chain management program. The overall product packaging process is as follows:

  1. Packaging Expert – Our packaging expert will discuss details of the packaging, including structure, material, and price
  2. Professional Designer – Our professional designer will work with your team to develop artwork/proof for the packaging
  3. Professional Operator – Our professional operator will then begin creating a graphics cylinder for the product pouch packaging
  4. Print Film/Confirmation – We will print a test run to confirm color and graphics of pouch packaging
  5. Go to Production – Once the test print is verified, we will begin pouch packaging production
  6. Material Preparation – All packaging material will be prepared ahead of time in our facilities, or with an intermediary filling agent
  7. Printing – Once material is prepared, we will move to Printing the individual packages
  8. Laminating – After print, the packages will be laminated to specification
  9. Bag Making – After lamination, the pouches will be closed and completed according to specification
  10. Packing – Final product packing will occur once printing, laminating, and bag making is complete and quality control checked
  11. Shipping – Shipping will occur to customer specifications and we can work with your team to deliver shipping solutions
  12. Clear Customer – Clear with the customer when the product is finalized and ready for delivery
  13. Delivery to You – We deliver directly to our clients because we are based out of the United States

Our team communicates with your team during the entire process and will keep you up to date with your order as it is fulfilled.