Spouted Pouches

Custom Printed Spouted Pouches Example

When people think of Laundry Detergents and other Liquid Based Products, the first thing that comes to mind are large plastic containers that people have to make room for in their homes. USA Packaging Direct is proud to bring the next generation in Liquid Packaging technology to the United States through our Spouted Pouch Packaging solution. Our Spouted Pouch Packaging can take your Liquid based product to the next level of marketing prowess. Consumers enjoy the ease of use, flexibility, and appeal of Spouted Pouches. Product Manufacturers enjoy the cost savings, ease of shipping/stacking, and appeal of Spouted Pouches. Spouted Pouch Packaging from USA Packaging Direct is a win/win situation for consumers and product manufacturers.

What products are best in Spouted Pouches?

Any liquid product can be placed in a Spouted Pouch. One of our most successful products in Spouted Pouch packaging is laundry detergent. Cumbersome, plastic containers are the traditional method for storing and packaging laundry detergent. Recently, Spouted Flexible Pouch Packaging has taken hold in the Laundry Detergent Industry. Manufacturers are switching to Spouted Flexible Pouches for their liquid products because of customer demand. Customers prefer easy to use Spouted Pouches over bulky, traditional forms of packaging.

Who offers Spouted Pouch Packaging in the United States?

The go-to supplier for Spouted Pouch Packaging in the United States is USA Packaging Direct. Our professionals have the abilities necessary to handle any Spouted Pouch Packaging request. We will be able to work with your team to ensure accurate,trustworthy packaging at a fraction of the cost of traditional product packaging.

Is there a different packaging method for Spouted Packages?

The packaging method is different than dry foods and dry products because Spouted Packages are used almost exclusively for liquid storage. This actually makes packing easier for our machines because it takes less effort to control the amount of liquid pouring into a Spouted Pouch when compared to dry products. If you have any questions regarding our packaging methods, please contact our friendly customer support staff to find out more information.

Spouted Pouch Packaging was once an expensive way to sell a liquid based product, and now it is becoming common place because companies like USA Packaging Direct have brought affordable Spouted Pouch Packaging to product manufacturers in the United States. Avoid shipping your product overseas when USA Packaging Direct offers cost efficient, flexible, Spouted Pouch Packaging solutions right here in the United States. Our team of experts have been packaging liquid products long enough to package liquid based products in accordance with all the rules and regulations of the United States.