Stand Up Pouches

Custom Stand Up Pouches - USA Packaging Direct

Stand Up Pouches are quickly taking over traditional forms of product packaging. Shelves across the United States are filling up with products packaged in Stand Up Pouches. This is because Stand Up Pouch Packaging has a large advantage over cumbersome traditional packaging. Glass jars, tin cans, plastic containers, and even aluminum cans are being replaced with Stand Up Pouches because manufacturers and customers agree that Stand Up Pouch Packaging is better for the environment, easier for the customer, and cost efficient for manufacturers. The reasons to package with Stand Up Pouches are immense, contact the friendly customer support staff at USA Packaging Direct if you would like to begin packaging your product in Flexible Stand Up Pouches.

Aren’t Stand Up Pouches only for snack food?

No. Flexible Stand Up Pouches are for any product that requires packaging. Hard plastic shells, glass jars, tin cans, and other forms of traditional packaging are difficult for the consumer to open. Traditional packaging also leaves a considerable amount of waste from production and disposal. Flexible Stand Up Pouches are cost efficient, are easy for consumers to open, and leave a considerably smaller amount of waste from production and disposal.

What other types of products can be placed in Stand Up Pouches?

Unique products of all varieties are being placed in Stand Up Pouches every day at USA Packaging Direct. Laundry Detergents, Soaps, Dry Food, Wet Food, Pet Food, Mechanical Parts, and any item that can fit in a Flexible Stand Up Pouch. At USA Packaging Direct, we work with our clients to develop the optimal flexible packaging for their specific product. Custom size flexible packaging is available. Contact our friendly customer support staff for information regarding Custom Stand Up Pouches.

Are Stand Up Pouches cost effective?

Yes. Stand Up Pouches are taking over grocery store shelves because they are cost efficient, attractive, and consumers enjoy the ease of use. Products stay fresh and last as long, if not longer, when compared to traditional packaging methods.

Traditional packaging is losing to Stand Up Pouches because Stand Up Pouch Packaging is cost efficient, produces less waste, and customers highly enjoy the usability of Stand Up Pouches compared to traditional packaging. The choice has been made by the consumers, Stand Up Pouch Packaging is here to stay, and if you want your product appearing on shelves in the United States, consider Stand Up Pouch Packaging first and foremost. Contact the friendly professionals at USA Packaging Direct to package your product with Stand Up Pouches.